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    Fasson® Synthetic paper is a matte white, high opacity polypropylene film which is suitable for
    flexographic, letterpress, screen & thermal transfer printing and has high strength and durability as well as
    good moisture and chemical resistance.
    Basis Weight 56 g/m² TAPPI T410
    Caliper 75 µm TAPPI T411
    S4700N is a general purpose permanent, emulsion acrylic adhesive.
    Typical Performance Data
    Initial Tack 11.2 N/25mm FTM 9 glass
    Peel Adhes. 90° 9.3 N/25mm FTM 2
    Min. appl. temp. 5°C
    Service temp. -20°C to 80°C subject to facestock limitations
    Food Industry Labels
    The adhesive complies with FDA regulations (section 175.105) for indirect food contact.
    BG40 is a high density glassine paper featuring high internal strength, toughness and tear resistance as
    well as high transparency.
    Basis Weight 62 g/m² TAPPI T410
    Caliper 55 µm TAPPI T411
    Total Caliper 150 µm +/- 10%

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